ISW (Informatics Student Working) is an association for and by students who like to be involved in computer science.

We give students the opportunity to share their knowledge with other students and gain a lot of experience. ISW endeavors to bundle this experience and knowledge as much as possible, in order to achieve a whole range of services and activities that we offer to students.

For whom? Students who like to be involved in computer science (so you don't necessarily have to study Applied Computer Science).

Where? On Proximus campus (in the basement of the B-block). Once in the B-block there are arrows that lead you to our room.

When? There is usually someone present in the room between 9am and 9pm.

What do our (former) members think?

Pieter Hollevoet

ISW gives you the opportunity through the infrastructure and the members to learn more where you are interested. So don't hold back on the subjects of UCLL en follow your dreams in ISW. Make sure to stop by!

Katerina Stavrinoudis

ISW is a group of passionate students who want to expand their knowledge and help each other while doing so. When I started participating I was welcomed with friendliness from the first moment. I got immidiately motivated to start searching for more than what I learn during class and has also improven my soft skills. I would reccomend it to everyone who wants to work on his own projects and also make friends along the way.

Tiebe van Nieuwenhove

When I joined ISW, I was immediately impressed. I saw what ISW had already achieved, and was immediately very motivated to further expand it. Very quickly I ended up giving workshops, which I really liked to do, because I like to share my knowledge, and also learn everyday more. Also from the aspect of system management I learned a lot with falling (a lot of falling 😉) and getting up.

The ISW room

Our room, which we share with the praesidium of Diana, is a nice, spacious place where you can both work and relax.

ISW Room

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